The Family Center
Letter to Our Community

To our friends and 'family' in community.
I want to open and share this quote with you, and ask that you think about what it truly means to you and the community that you call your home.

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."
- Mother Teresa

The Family Center has been here to help families & individuals thrive by providing a hub of interactive services which offer a healing presence, foster healthy relationships and model community cooperation. Individuals and families across our counties struggle with many pressures, that potentially could pull them apart, and work against healthy growth and stability. The Family Center provides opportunities to bring together people, services and community within a positive atmosphere. Caring neighbors, churches, and partnering organizations coordinate efforts that foster healthy development of individuals through all seasons of life. The Family Center was designed to help.

In the past we have stood on this commitment. We all have different personalities, different walks of life, and different backgrounds, but at the center we invite everyone to set aside their differences, build relationships, and celebrate all the characteristics that make each person unique. Connecting with others is at the heart of who we are. We're here for people. To provide a service, you first have to be willing to serve. So for us, serving is the foundation of who we are. Whether it's through a conversation, providing food, a listening ear, education, or more - we're here. Period. And we plan on being here to bring the service and services that the community needs through the good times and the bad. Without community, The Family Center wouldn't exist. But a community is about more than our neighbors - it's about connecting and building unity with those around. It's about combining efforts, not duplicating them. Community is about joining together and accomplishing what we can't do alone. Let's work together to strengthen families, friends, and the community as a whole.

The Family Center of Gap is an independent community benefit organization. We rely on community support in addition to some of our own business profit centers and rents collected from the partnering organizations that reside in the facility. For many years we have made an effort to build public and corporate support for the operations and programming which translate to community services and support. A common misconception was that Jonas and Anne Beiler were responsible for all the expenses for The Family Center. They had provided much in kind support by allowing our organization to reside in the facility that they owned, and they also provided some financial support through a private family foundation for the programming and services for community. It still was necessary for private donations to help us remain sustainable as an organization. Last fall the Beiler family decided to sell their Pennsylvania real estate portfolio and retire. The Family Center staff was committed to prevent hiccups in service and to stay true to the legacy of their hearts to serve community through the mission and vision at The Family Center. Now, today, the property is owned privately by the Weaver family. It is their hope that the services for community are able to continue and meet the needs of those around us.

The new reality for our organization is that sustainability has been and is fragile. In many capacities we have made things work as we function day to day. In this season it is becoming impossible for us to continue as an organization. The Family Center non-profit will be dissolving. The heart of caring for community has the opportunity to continue through the partnering efforts of the remaining entities within The Family Center building, as well as folks from the community coming together to serve each other. Events and services take many hands and talents-the good news is that you have the opportunity to cast your stone so that the ripple is not only intentional, but responsible as it bathes those you serve in community.

There will be many opportunities in the future. There may also be a new brand or name for the community efforts and services that are these opportunities. Perhaps this new day will brand the existing facility to be known as "Gap Community Center" or something like that... with an emphasis on the community that is needed to keep services and outreach alive and relevant.

"Together we can make a bigger difference than any one of us can alone." - Jonas Beiler

It is with thankful hearts and much gratitude that we wish our partners and community well. We thank you for the opportunities we had to serve in many capacities. Please know that your support and efforts are essential to continue the journey in community. We have developed many tools and resources that we respectfully leave in place, with good faith and hopes that they will continue to make a difference in the future. Blessings and well wishes as you serve each other well and responsibly.

- The Family Center Team

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